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Woman Cutting Fabric

Our Made to Measure & Bespoke Clothing Service


We offer a made to measure garments service, The garments are  normally cut by hand and then and sewn by machine using an existing design and pattern that is adjusted to fit a customer’s unique measurements. We can use fabric supplied by customer, or we offer a fabric sourcing service.


Bespoke garments are cut and made by hand. The design and pattern of the garment (or outfit) is created entirely from scratch so it is completely unique to the customer. We would usually source fabric, however we are able to work with fabric that has been supplied by the customer.

The fit is also more superior as there are numerous fittings until the customer is completely satisfied. Bespoke garments are more expensive,

Made to measure garments can require one or two fittings, whereas bespoke clothing needs several fittings until the paper pattern has been refined and perfected. Therefore, bespoke clothing provides a superior fit compared to made to measure or ready to wear clothing.

The first appointment to make a bespoke garment involves discussing the design and fabric selection usually with the person who will oversee production. Measurements are then taken.

Then between 2 to 5 fittings will take place with several weeks in between until the customer and tailor is satisfied with the shape and fit of the garment or outfit.

Made to measure garments should take a matter of weeks to make. On the other hand a bespoke suit, for example, can take up to several months to make from the first consultation appointment to production and delivery.

Made to measure clothing is cheaper than bespoke due to the faster time it takes to make and the cost and quality of the limited fabric choices, which can determine the price.

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