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Terms & Conditions

Sewing Solutions Ltd
Conditions of Contract

  1. The quotation is estimated as each garment is individually crafted to suit your specific needs.

  2. Changes to the style during fittings may incur extra charges to the customer if extra time is required to undertake these changes.

  3. All extras will carry a cost to the customer (i.e.) beading, trims etc).

  4. The customer will be advised of all extras which have been agreed and the costs likely to be charged before they are incurred.

  5. The customer gives Sewing Solutions and Rosemary Pearce consent to use photographs of the garment(s) to place on show including web and social media sights.

  6. Where sample materials or beading etc is required these will be sourced and the deposit used to acquire them. When approved by the customer they will be signed for and the cost thereof charged to the customer.

  7. Once a garment is delivered and accepted by the customer then any subsequent work may attract additional costs at the discretion of Sewing Solutions Ltd.

  8. Please note any uncollected items may be sold or disposed of, to cover our costs, within six weeks of notice of collection, and/or a storage charge may be levied for late collections. We can store bridal gowns and other alterations for longer than six weeks, but storage must be agreed in advance and may be charged for at a rate we will quote.

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